This year's Summer Challenge is all about getting your name in the "hat." The more events you attend, the more posts you make, the more reviews you submit, the higher your chance of winning a prize at the end of the summer.



You can start earning entries Thursday, June 1st. Continue to participate through Monday, July 31st. On Tuesday, August 1st three winners will be drawn at random from all those who participated.



Any adult O'Fallon Public Library member may participate.


How to Win

There are three different ways to get entered for a prize. Each of the following earns you one entry into the drawing. The last day for entries is Monday, July 31st at Midnight. Note: If you need help or access to technology come and see us at the library.

  1. Post something fun and library related to FacebookTwitter or InstagramBe sure to tag us in the post! [max 3 entries]
    Maybe it's a selfie of you with your favorite book or movie? You and friends/family at a library event? One of your kids (or spouse) admiring the bubble wall? Whatever it is, post it and tag it, and you'll be entered to win!
  2. Attend an Adult event during the summer. Each one you attend is one entry. We have several to choose from, including: Books & BrewGentle Yoga, Meditation classes, and several others. Checkout our Special Events for a complete list of events.
  3. Turn in a written book review that is between 50 and 100 words long. Tell us why you loved it, hated it, or want other people to read it. With your permission, we may want to use it to help promote the book here in the library! Use the Summer Challenge Reading Log to submit your review. [max 3 entries]


That's it! Get your name in the hat as much as possible to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

Questions? Contact Ryan Johnson

All participants, please be sure to adhere to the Library's Social Media Policy when participating online (basically, keep it clean and fun).



On Tuesday, August 1st three names will be drawn at random from all those who participated. The first person drawn picks his or her prize from the list below. The second person picks from the remaining prizes, and so on. The prizes are: