Adult Summer Reading Challenge - 2021

What is this?

This year's Reading Challenge is all about color.  Color your world with adventure. Color your world with diverse voices.  Color your world with knowledge.

During this challenge you'll broaden your reading horizons and earn a chance to win awesome prizes! It's as easy as adding the books you read to the Beanstack app to unlock badges and earn virtual tickets.


Tell me more about these badges

There are 28 total badges you can earn. You get badges for hours spent reading and for reading books from specific categories like diverse authors, poetry and more.

Each badge you earn awards you virtual tickets.  The harder the badge, the more tickets earned.  


Tickets, you say?

Yes. You can earn up to a total of 238 tickets (that's if you unlock every possible badge).  You then assign those tickets to prize drawings that happen at the end of the summer. Even if you just unock a handful of tickets, you still have a chance to win big.  Up your odds of winning by reading more!  The last day to earn and enter tickets into a drawing is Saturday, July 24.  


OK...what are these prizes?!

There are three grand prize drawings this year, each has a retail value of $200.  You can spread your tickets out amongst mulitple options, or put all your eggs in one basket trying to win the one you want the most.  The choice is yours!  

  1. Grand Prize: Foodie
    Enjoy dinner on us! There are 4 gift cards worth 50.00 each for Drakes, Sugarfire, Hop House, and Peel! (One winner will be selected).
  2. Grand Prize: Inner Child
    Enjoy a beautiful basket created by Three Sisters Craft & Gifts. This basket is worth $50 and includes free classes! (One winner will be selected).
  3. Grand Prize: Self Care
    Enjoy this self care basket filled with three candles, a journal, pens, tumbler cup, two bath bombs, face mask, hand mask, eye mask, $25 gift card to Cold Stone, $50 American Express gift card. (One winner will be selected).
I'm in, what do I need to do?

Just download the Beanstack app on your phone to get started.  If you already have an account, you can use it to join this challenge.  If not, set one up with your email address.  It's free and easy.  

There are no set reading lists.  You have total freedom to pick the books you want to read. Just record the titles and track how long you read.  Simple as that. 

If you get stuck on anything, let a library staff person know.  We are here to help.


That's of luck!


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