Meet local author, Kenya Boyd and enjoy a reading of her book, When I Grow Up I Want to See the World.  There will be a discussion of the places she has traveled, a craft, and some snacks from countries around the world.

About the Book

This world is so much bigger than your backyard. Where can you go? What can you do? How are things different? Written with the hopes of bringing exposure to others, a young child shares her fantasy of how traveling the world can be beautiful and fun. The goal is to start a discussion with children about diversity and culture, hopefully leading to an understanding and acceptance of everyone's differences.

About the Author

Kenya loves traveling and having first time experiences. However, her joy comes from engaging with children. She has served students of all ages as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), school counselor, and as an athletic coach. In all these roles, her goal has remained the same, to help children become their best.


Community Room


January 26, 10:30 am


Elementary age children