Communicating with Younger Folks: Insight into How Growing Up Digital Affects Younger Generation's Communication Learn about the modern code of manners, the most common slang, what a meme is, what those websites they're always on really are, what those incomprehensible phrases mean, and anything else you want to know about how the younger generation communicates! After the initial presentation, the floor will be open for any specific questions.


Who: Open to the general public. You do not need a library card to participate.

Where: First-floor community room, O'Fallon Public Library

When: 4pm Thursday, July 14


About the speaker:

Hunter Rice is the summer intern at O'Fallon Public Library, working to get a Bachelor's Degree of Educational Studies from UMSL. They hope to go on to get a Master's Degree in Library Science and become a librarian. The concept for this program came from their personal experience in "translating" from their own "version" of communication to something more easily understood by their parents, who are older. The constant need for explanations made them realize that a presentation and the offer of a space to ask any questions at all may help bring clarity to people who find themselves confused by the younger generations.


Questions about the event? Contact Heidi at [email protected] or 618-206-4344