Athletes may choose to follow a vegetarian diet for health, animal rights, ecological, environmental, religious, or spiritual reasons. A well-planned vegetarian diet can be nutritionally adequate and appropriate for all individuals and athletes from recreational to elite. It can also provide many health benefits in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

This free 1-hour class is meant to provide education on the different types of vegetarian diets and provide tips for meeting nutritional needs. This class is not designed to promote one type of diet over another and is meant as education only.

This class is taught by Ken Roberts, MA, RD, ACE-CPT. Ken is an O'Fallon resident, a Registered Dietitian, sports trainer, and professional coach.


O'Fallon Public Library- Community Room


Sunday, September 8th at 4 PM 


This is a free event and open to the general public.


For questions regarding Teen and Adult events, please contact Dominique at [email protected] or 618-206-4344.

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There are currently 25 spots available