Watercolors is a light a vibrant medium, full of creative possibilities, thanks to its fluidity and surprising effects. Free of solvents and easy to clean, its simplicity and ease to travel makes it a popular choice for many. It has been used from the very past for illustrating, and still is today for instance in botanical art and children’s books, to mention two.

You will receive the same basic technical instructions at the beginning of the class before trying them on your own art piece. A simple subject (like a leaf, a bird, a flower image, etc.) will guide your creativity and inspire you to create your own little artwork.

The library has limited supplies so please bring your own materials. 

List of material:

Watercolor set with two paint brushes (small and medium)
Watercolor tray (usually included in the set)
Pencil and eraser
Watercolor paper


Thursday, August 8th at 6:00 PM 


O'Fallon Public Library Community Room


This event is free and open to the public, ages 14 and up.

This event is currently full.
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