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Getting Started

If you need to do some serious school work, you are in the right spot.

The resources featured on this page provide access to reliable sources that are easily filtered by type, date, and reading level.  Best yet, there are built-in citation tools to help you ace that paper!

Remember, just because you are using a computer to access these sources does not mean they are "internet sources."  Many of the results you find will be digital versions of journal articles, reference books and the like.


Need More?

Visit our eResources page for a complete list of all the resources you have access to.



Most resources can be accessed any time, anywhere.  Many will ask for your Patron ID, that is simply the number on the back of your library card (no spaces).  Not working?  Give us a call at 618-632-3783, ext. 1.


Research Essentials

Research assignments can be daunting.  Knowing what steps to take can relieve stress and make the project more manageable by breaking it down into concrete steps.  Use the short videos listed below to get started!

Parent / Teacher Parent / Teacher
A collection of resources to help your child or student succeed.
Extra Practice Extra Practice
Tap into hundreds of skill-building resources for classroom and homework success. Search by grade-level and subject matter.


Explora provides users with an easy, yet powerful means of accessing information resources through a single search. Type in your keywords and get results from dozens of resources.  Filter by date, relevance, and format.  The perfect place to start any research project.

Start Searching with Explora


Need to narrow down your search?  Try one of these more specific resources:

Need some extra help?  Checkout these resources to help you excel in and out of the classroom.
Learning Express School Center School Center
Sharpen those math, science, and reading skills with practice tests and tutorials.
Purdue Owl Online Writing Lab Purdue Online Writing Lab
Get help with MLA, APA, and general writing mechanics. Excellent for research papers!
Khan Academy Khan Academy
Offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners.
OpenStax OpenStax
Open source, peer-reviewed, and 100% free. OpenStax has a wide range of textbooks to help you succeed.

Ready for college?

College Board High School Equivalency Center
Guided support and preparation to help you earn a high school equivalency credential.
College Prep Center College Skills
Achieve your undergrad goals and prepare for future success.
College Tests College Tests
Prepare for important exams like the ACT, SAT, AP Tests, and more.
Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans Federal Student Aid Resources
Comprehensive information on education-related financial aid sponsored and administered by private organizations and companies.