Welcome!  Below you will find information on the Kids' Reading Program

  • May 22 - July 24 - Registration begins May 22.  The reading program runs June 1 and continues for 8 weeks. LOG reading and activities by July 24!
  • Register -  If you have previously participated in one of our beanstack programs you will sign in (left top).  If you are new to Beanstck please register yourself and then your child. 

  Click on this link to register or sign-in

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  • Earn Badges - You will earn badges and grab bag prizes for reading, participating in programs (in-person and Zoom), completing activites such as virtual scavenger hunts and escape rooms, writing book reviews, completing BINGO cards, picking up weekly take-home-crafts and more! 
  • Earn Tickets -  For every badge earned you will receive a ticket. The tickets can be entered into raffles for fun, end-of-the-program gift baskets and opportunities to give to charity.
  • Open to all -  You do not have to be a member of the library to participate.  
  • Please Note - In-person programs take place outdoors and REQUIRE registration.  
  • Completion - When you complete all of the reading badges (30 hours of reading or about 1/2 hour each day) you will receive a FREE tee shirt.  You will be prompted to come to the library and pick up a voucher for C & C Sports Shop's virtual store.  You can order your tee shirt online and pick up at your convenience.
  • Questions? - Please call 618-632-3783 X 4 or email [email protected]

Not a Kid? Checkout our Adult Challenge and/or Teen Challenge!



Why read during the summer?  Educators know that children can lose knowledge over the summer, a phenomenon known as Summer Slide.  Read information here:

How do I encourage my child to READ? It can be a challenge for some kids but here are some tips:

  • Let them pick the books - If you make them read a book they don't want to read there may be a BATTLE or at the very least, a dragging of feet.  
  • Read Aloud - Have some books to read independantly and some to read together.  
  • Play Word Games - Play Scrabble or Scrabble Junior, Boggle, Hangman or other word games. Play the Dictionary Game
  • Keep Books in the Car - Always have books available, especially when they are confined - like on car rides or at medical appointments.  
  • Limit access to TV and Video Games - Kids are much more likely to pick up a book if the TV and other electronic devices are turned off.  Some families require kids to earn screen time.
  • Graphic novels ARE real books - Most kids love this comic-type format and reading this genre requires skill in decoding words but also intertreting picture clues from body language and background.  Check out this article from reseachers at Northwestern University.  

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