Monday Meditations focuses on different themes and techniques throughout the year.  Meditation is quiet reflection, going inward in your own body and mind. It doesn't have to be the same for anyone, it should begin to help you with finding awareness in your body, your mental focus, or reducing anxiety, even if only for just a short time afterward. 

Need other reasons to try Meditation?

It can bring about a relaxation response, which has many of these short-term benefits to the nervous system:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved blood circulation
  • lower heart rate
  • less perspiration
  • slower respiratory rate
  • less anxiety
  • lower blood cortisol levels
  • more feelings of well-being
  • less stress
  • deeper relaxation

Come as you are, casual yoga pants or in your business attire!  However, please consider bringing any comfort items (pillow, blanket, mat and/or cushion) for sitting or laying on the floor so that you are able to fully relax in your body easier.  Chairs are provided, though some like to sit or lay on the floor to lengthen their spine.  

Instructor Janet Schless


O'Fallon Public Library, Community Room


Typically the first Monday of the month from 6:45 to 7:45  Check the Events Calendar for specific dates.


This is a free event and open to the general public.

For questions regarding Teen and Adult events, please contact Ryan at [email protected] or 618-206-4342.