Parent discussion groups give you the chance to share your experiences and learn from others about the unique challenges of raising a high-ability child or teen.

Because we will be discussing issues and challenges in the group pertaining to our own children, this group is ONLY FOR PARENTS.  Please do not bring your child to this group.

We also have a few group guidelines to ensure this is a safe place for everyone to learn and share information:

  1. This group is a safe place to share information about our families, so we ask that whatever is said here, stays here.
  2. Please keep your sharing time limited to a few minutes, so we give others a time to share also.  We would ask that no one monopolizes the conversation or interrupts anyone else, so everyone gets an opportunity to speak.
  3. We would appreciate no "cross-talk".  This happens when side conversations are held while someone is speaking. Everyone is free to express their questions and concerns freely without interruption.


Wednesday, January 29 at 6:30 PM 


Community Room- O'Fallon Public Library 


This event is free and for parents only 

For questions regarding Teen and Adult events, please contact Dominique at [email protected] or 618-206-4344.

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There are currently 29 spots available