Passport Forms What form should I use?
Unsure of which form to complete? What other documents do you need? Start by answering a few basic questions and find out.
Passport Photos Photo Requirements
You must bring your own passport photo with you at the time of application. Places such as Walgreens or CVS provide this service.
Passport Fees Fees
Depending on your situation, fees can vary. Use the calculator below to find out what your expenses will be.

What to Expect

Below is a list of items you'll need for your appointment:

  • Completed Form DS-11 (or other relevant forms)
  • Evidence of Citizenship (such as a birth certificate)
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Acceptable Photo
  • Form of payment (the application fee and execution fee are paid separately)

To learn more about each item listed above, visit Travel.State.Gov.


After You Apply

You can check the status of your passport application either online or over the phone.  Visit Travel.State.Gov for all the Application Status details.


Forms of Payment

Application Fee and any Additional Services Fees:

  • Checks (personal, certified, cashier's, traveler's) and money orders payable to "U.S. Department of State"
  • Credit and debit cards CANNOT be accepted


$35 Execution (Acceptance) Fee Paid Separately:

  • Checks (personal, certified, cashier's, traveler's) and money orders payable to "O'Fallon Public Library" 
  • Cash
  • Credit and debit cards