Do you ...

  • Need something fun to do while helping to save the World?
  • Need to feel like your life matters?
  • Need to get busy or Mom will make you go to Grandma’s?


How about helping at the LIBRARY?!

We are looking for 12-18 year olds to help us with our reading program from May 28—July 30. Here are some of the activities you may participate in:

  • Physically preparing the meeting room for a program, i.e. setting up tables, chairs, toting supplies
  • Helping prepare for craft days (cutting or preparing craft supplies)
  • Helping during morning, afternoon or evening programs (usually 1-2 hours long)
  • Decorating or displaying summer reading items

Reasons to Volunteer at the library:

  • Awesome FREE T-shirt
  • Sometimes includes food
  • More fun than lots of things (like mowing the lawn or poison ivy)
  • Parents like you to do it
  • Looks good on a job application, resume, or college application

Click HERE to get to the Volunteer Guide