Who Can Get a Card?

The O’Fallon Public Library is locally funded by property taxes paid by persons who live or own property within the library's taxing area. If you live within or own real estate within this area, your taxes support the library and a card will be issued at no charge. This is known as a Resident Card.  Resident cards are good for three years.

If you live outside the O’Fallon city limits and do not fall under another public library's taxing area, you can purchase a Non-Resident Card.   Non-Resident fees are calculated using a tax bill method.  If you own your home, the fee is determined by the following formula:  Cost = Net Taxable Value x 0.1685%.  If you are a renter, the annual fee is simply one-tenth of your monthly rent.

Non-Resident Examples

  • For a home with a $25,000 Net Taxable Value, a library card would cost $42 annually
  • For a renter who pays $800 per month, a library card would cost $80 annually

How do I know if I'm covered?

Check to see if you live within our library's taxing area by entering your address into the map tool.  If you are in the Blue Zone, you are in.  

Alternatively, you can visit the St. Clair County Clerk's website and search for your tax bill.  If you have the line item CITY OF O FALLON LIB, you are in.

Tax Bill Examples

  1. PDF iconResident
  2. PDF iconNon-Resident
  3. PDF iconNon-Resident but covered by another library

Note: If you are covered another library, as in Example 3, contact that library and inquire about the steps needed to get a card.  


There is no minimum age to obtain a card. Children aged 15 and younger may obtain a card with the permission of a parent or legal guardian. Juveniles aged 16 and older are eligible to obtain a card without a parent if a valid ID and proof of residency are provided.


Getting Your Card

Getting a library card is easy. Just visit the library to fill out an application. You will need a photo ID and two items that show your current address. 

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal check
  • Current phone, gas, electric or cable bill
  • Mail postmarked within 30 days
  • Bank statement
  • Voter registration card
  • Lease agreement

Digital versions of the above are also accepted.

You will receive your card on the same day.

Once you have your card you can manage your account online.  This allows you to request, renew and pay late fees at your own convenience.  

Note: Your PIN defaults to the last four digits of your phone number.


Renewing Your Card

Your card is good for three years (or one year for a non-resident card).  When the time comes to renew, simply provide the necessary documentation, just as when you initially got your card.  We use this as an opportunity to update details like your address, phone number, email address.


Checking Out

To check out materials, present a valid library card at any Help Desk. If you forget your card you may still check out materials by presenting a valid photo ID.  The library also has self-checkout machines located on the first and second floors for your convenience. 

Checkout limits vary by item type:

  • Total items per card is 75
  • Up to 30 of those can be CDs/Audiobooks
  • 20 can be DVD/Blu-Ray 
  • 2 can be Express DVDs
  • 2 can be Express Books
  • 3 can be Video Games


Computer Access

A valid O'Fallon Public Library card grants you up to eight hours per day on our public computers.  Don't have a card?  Stop by the Help Desk in Adult Services for a one-hour guest pass.  You can even use a valid public library card from another system library to gain access.


eBooks & More

Your library card also unlocks a whole world of digital content including ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines.  Visit our eBooks & More page to get started!



Need a last-minute source for an important paper?  Or maybe you are shopping for a new car? Or studying for an important test?  Whatever the case, our eResources page might just have what you need to get the job done.  


Note: Your PIN defaults to the last four digits of your phone number.