What we are What we are
The Friends of the O’Fallon Public Library (FOTL) is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds to provide gifts (programs, materials, and equipment) for the library beyond services provided by the city of O’Fallon tax dollars. We advocate for library-friendly legislation and defend the ever-growing need for libraries.
What we do What we do
We volunteer! The Friends sponsor book sales and maintain the Book Sale Nook, an ongoing sales shelf located on the first floor on the east side of the library. We have a large online sales presence with books and other items offered for sale on Amazon and eBay. In addition to those ongoing efforts, we are constantly exploring new ways to engage and enrich the library experience.
What the Friends support What the Friends support
All during the year, the funds raised by the Friends via book sales and other initiatives support a wide range of library programs designed to appeal to O’Fallon’s wonderfully diverse community. Toddlers, grade-schoolers, teens, adults, and people with special needs benefit from these activities that are made possible by the Friends.
Member Benefits

Friends’ Membership has its benefits

  • Attend the quarterly meeting with other Friends to plan future events.
  • Receive advanced information about upcoming Friends activities.
  • May sale volunteers receive $5.00 vouchers for sale purchases.
  • Be invited to annual holiday party.
  • Help make the OFPL even better!

You can join FOTL by selecting a membership tier that works for you:

  • Junior Membership [$1/annually for those under age 18]
  • Senior Membership [$8/annually for  those age 55 and up]
  • Individual Membership [$10/annually]
  • Family Membership [$20/annually]
  • Corporate/Organizational Membership [$40/annually]
  • Lifetime Membership [$100 paid once]

Dues may be paid via mail or in person at one of our quarterly meetings.  If paying by mail, please send a check to:

Friends of the Library

120 Civic Plaza

O'Fallon, IL  62269

Be sure to include your name and contact information so we can contact you to finalize membership details.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Friends of the Library is an all-volunteer group dedicated to making the O’Fallon Public Library a valuable resource for the community. Each year FOTL not only donates thousands of dollars to the Library, the dedicated men and women of the FOTL also donate hundreds of hours per year.  

Check back for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Friends Officers

President: Ray Farmer

Vice-President: Diane Zelinski

Secretary: Narni Cahill

Treasurer: Ann Morey

Meetings & Minutes

The Friends of the Library meetings are currently on hold as the newly elected officers revamp the by-laws and take care of other administrative details.  Future meeting dates will be posted as soon as they are determined.

Past meeting dates and minutes can be found below:

Meeting Dates   Minutes
December 10, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
November 5, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
September 10, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
August 13, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
July 9, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
June 11, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
April 23, 2019   PDF iconMinutes
September 11, 2018   PDF iconMinutes
May 8, 2018   PDF iconMinutes
January 9, 2018   PDF iconMinutes
November 18, 2017   PDF iconMinutes
September 12, 2017   PDF iconMinutes
April 11, 2017   PDF iconMinutes
November 8, 2016   PDF iconMinutes
August 9, 2016   PDF iconMinutes
April 12, 2016   PDF iconMinutes
April 14, 2015   PDF iconMinutes
January 13, 2015   PDF iconMinutes
November 18, 2014   PDF iconMinutes
August 12, 2014   PDF iconMinutes
April 8, 2014   PDF iconMinutes
November 19, 2013   PDF iconMinutes
August 13, 2013   PDF iconMinutes
April 9, 2013   PDF iconMinutes
January 8, 2013   PDF iconMinutes
November 13, 2012   PDF iconMinutes
August 14, 2012   PDF iconMinutes
May 8, 2012   PDF iconMinutes
January 10, 2012   PDF iconMinutes
November 15, 2011   PDF iconMinutes
August 9, 2011   PDF iconMinutes
April 12, 2011   PDF iconMinutes
January 11, 2011   PDF iconMinutes
November 9, 2010   PDF iconMinutes
August 10, 2010   PDF iconMinutes
April 13, 2010   PDF iconMinutes
January 12, 2010   PDF iconMinutes
November 24, 2009   PDF iconMinutes
August 11, 2009   PDF iconMinutes
April 14, 2009   PDF iconMinutes
January 13, 2009   PDF iconMinutes
December 2, 2008   PDF iconMinutes
August 12, 2008   PDF iconMinutes
April 8, 2008   PDF iconMinutes
January 8, 2008   PDF iconMinutes
November 13, 2007   PDF iconMinutes
April 10, 2007   PDF iconMinutes
November 14, 2006   PDF iconMinutes
August 8, 2006   PDF iconMinutes
April 11, 2006   PDF iconMinutes
January 10, 2006   PDF iconMinutes
November 8, 2005   PDF iconMinutes
September 20, 2005   PDF iconMinutes
August 9, 2005   PDF iconMinutes
April 12, 2005   PDF iconMinutes
September 28, 2004   PDF iconMinutes
August 10, 2004   PDF iconMinutes
April 13, 2004   PDF iconMinutes
January 13, 2004   PDF iconMinutes
November 18, 2003   PDF iconMinutes
August 12, 2003   PDF iconMinutes
Connect with us

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at [email protected]

You can also connect with us on Facebook!

Donation Dates

Saturday, January 9 from 10 am to Noon

Saturday, March 6 from 10 am to Noon


Shop Our Online Store

Visit our Amazon store anytime day or night to shop the thoursands of great books we have listed at fantastic prizes.  All proceeds benefit the library.

Shop now on Amazon


There are many ways to donate to the Friends of the Library:


Cash Donations

FOTL accepts checks made payable to the Friends of the O’Fallon Public Library.  Contributions are tax-deductible and can be mailed to:

Friends of the Library

120 Civic Plaza

O'Fallon, IL  62269

Used Books

We need books to keep the Used Books area in business.  FOTL accepts all books on behalf of the Library and reviews them to determine their age and condition.

We Accept:

  • Books all types and genres, except Encyclopedias
  • Records/Vinyl
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Maps
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Comic Books

We Do NOT Accept:

  • Cassette Tapes
  • VHS Tapes
  • 8 Track Tapes
  • Encyclopedias


Books can be dropped off during set donation hours. For large amounts, help may be provided to unload your vehicle.  Please do not use the Library return box in the parking lot for donating books. Donation receipts are available for tax purposes. All revenue is donated by the FOTL to the Library.