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Every year the O’Fallon Public Library partners with AARP to provide a tax aide service to our community.  In a typical year, we help over seven hundred families file their taxes for free through this partnership.  In as much, tax season is always very busy here at the library with folks coming in for appointments, printing off documents, picking up forms and the like.   

As this pandemic stretches on, we were concerned about the viability of this partnership for the coming tax season.  I’m happy to report that AARP’s Tax-Aide program is happening this year, although it will look drastically different than it has in years past.  As with everything else we do at the library during these times, we have to keep the safety of the public, our staff, and now the AARP volunteers front of mind.   

We are still working on a few details, but you can now book your appointment online (click above). At your appointment, you will fill out some intake paperwork with an AARP volunteer and leave your documents behind.  Once your return is finished (which may take up to a few days) an AARP volunteer will follow up with you.  

While you are visiting the library please remember that masks must be worn at all times.  Also, note that our available seating is extremely limited due to COVID.  We hope that this tax "drop off" service proves convenient while we try to limit the number of people gathering at the library.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we reimagine this key service.  It will be different and we may not be able to serve as many families due to the pandemic, but we are working hard to make it as effective, efficient, and safe as possible. 



Ryan Johnson, Library Director

Last updated: January 20, 2021


Tax Questions


Your Options

This year you have two options for getting your taxes done through the AARP Tax-Aide program. Click the link above to book your appointment. 

Option 1: Scan your documents from home and have them sent to an AARP volunteer for remote completion (no appointment required, more details to come)

Option 2: Make an appointment to drop off your materials for completion.  An AARP volunteer will take your information and contact you once the return is finished (may take up to a few days). 


Note: This is a fluid situation and subject to change.  Thank you in advance as we make this process as easy and safe as possible.